Dr. Sha-Rhonda M. Green  
Empowering You to Live Well!

Sha-Rhonda M. Davis, PhD, LCSW, SSW

Empowering Women to Total Wellness, Helping Hurt Women Heal


I speak to Empower and Transform the Lives of Women.

With a wealth of Real Life Examples and  over 15 years of social work and mental health practice experience, I will enrich and infuse your event with practicality and realness.

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Appreciating Yourself, Depression, Communication, Sadness, Fear, Relationship Challenges, Feeling Overwhelmed, Wanting to Give Up, Burnout, Life Transitions, Personal Growth, Anxiety, Managing Difficult Feelings, Balancing Life Roles, Being a Mother, Being a Wife, Being a Woman, Emotional Eating, Total Wellness, Navigating Emotions, Faith & Fitness

  • Laughter, Motivation, Encouragement
  • Practical Application
  • Real Life Testimonies
  • Customized Handouts/Material
  • Transparency
  • Authenticity
  • Down-to-Earth
  • Resilience
  • Professionalism
  • Realness